Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Was Man Meant To Be a Vegetarian?

There has always been a great dilemma with vegetarians, they are known to have lower incidence of cancers, CVD, diabetes, lower rates of obesity, etc. Many people also love the idea of veganism, because of animal rights, peace, love and all that "tree-hugging-hippy-crap."

Personally, I went vegan for almost a year, I admit feeling pretty good, very "light", there was, however, one setback; I lost a lot of muscle, nearly 15lbs worth.

My cousin is a MD and amateur bodybuilder, he gave me the low down, you can have the same positive benefits of vegetarianism, by simply eating smart, mainly low carb. I’m not going to go very deep on this; rather, I took the liberty of posting this link with an article written by Mr. Ron Koslov, from Bodybuilding.com. Read more about him here.


Is Man Vegetarian Or Carnivorous?

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Anonymous said...

I never liked vegans, they all look pale to me