Monday, June 18, 2007

Stop Smoking

We ALL know smoking is bad for you. It's the leading cause of many different types of cancers and let's face it, it's disgusting, it smells bad, it stinks up your hair, hands, clothes, the air you breathe.

Smoking is an addiction, the smoker derives pleasure from smoking, it's plain and simple. Upon taking that initial puff, Dopamine receptors are activated, the person feels good, relaxed; this is why some smokers can become very aggressive an intolerant towards non-smokers who protest when they light one up; they feel that the non smoker is selfishly preventing them from acquiring pleasure, when the truth is that the person is simply protecting his/her health.

Based on some knowledge on the subject of addiction and common sense I devised an almost fail-proof formula to help you to quit smoking; its all-natural, drug-free and requires minimal effort. The only thing it DOES require is your will, you need to want to quit, you've got to truthfully and honestly want to quit, anything less than 100% commitment won't do.

I've had a few people try this, all but one has quit for good, the one that quit and got hooked again is bipolar, needles to say, she required extra attention.

Anyways, first thing is first: “do you want to quit?” do you want to live and extra 20 to 30 years (if you are a regular smoker, you can cut your lifespan by as many as 40 years!!) Wanna see the daughter get married? your son graduate? Would you like to improve your quality of life? be able to walk a flight of stairs with out gasping for air, maintain a healthy lifestyle, not have to hide the smell in your car and apartment, etc.? Want to feel that your life is NOT controlled by a little “cancer stick”? If you answered YES and feel the need to stop smoking, for yourself as well as for your family then read on, if not, click on one of the Google ads to your right a good luck!
So you decided to quit?, good for you, I'm glad to help. My method is remarkably simple and easy to follow, it will never be patented, it won't make a pharmaceutical company any richer, there are no drugs, patches, special gadget or things to buy. This is about helping you quit, not making a buck, Karma is better than money.

Let's say you smoke a pack of 20 a day, I recommend you keep doing that for 2 more days, on the 3rd day after reading this, buy your pack of 20 open it and quickly throw one in the trash, go on with your day and smoke your 19 cigs. After 4 days of doing this (throwing 1 a day) go up a level and throw 2.

Remember, buy your pack, quickly open it and throw the 2 cigs away and then smoke normally. Keep doing this, remember to stay anywhere from 2 to 4 days smoking the same amount before going up a level. This will prevent your body from manifesting any withdrawal symptoms, since it will more easily adapt to a slighter lower dose, than to quitting “cold turkey”.

Keep this up and play it cool, don't comment it to your friends, don't brag about your superhuman ability to curb the cravings, lead your life as happy and normal as you can. The time will come, after a few months, where you will be smoking one cigarette every few days and one day your body, after slowly detoxifying itself all this time, will reward you, you will dread having to smoke that one cigarette. The taste will be repulsive, the smell will make you nauseous, your body WILL rebel against the poison! And congratulations!! you will have triumphed against the most worthy of adversaries, YOURSELF!

This method works, it's almost too easy to think it works, but it is worth trying, you have nothing to loose and a few decades to win.

One thing,please keep in mind that your emotional state will influence your results, so if you are down to 5 cigs a day and your spouse dies (god forbid) chances are you WILL go back to 20 cigs a day if not higher. This does not mean you're weak and should resolve to lead a half life as a smoker, give yourself time to resolve your emotional issues and then get back on the horse.
In the case of smokers Quitters never quit. On average, a smokers tries to quit up to 6 times before quitting for good (using nicotine patches, special filters etc.) This method works medium to long term and since it works naturally with your body it's close to 100% effective.

I hope this post has been of some help, feel free to let me know what you think.


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